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The Power in Just Showing Up

29 November 2022

Today as I walked onto the compound at work, I ran into one of the Republic of Korea (ROK) soldiers. She was extremely friendly, older and walked through security with me at the same time.

It turned out that we were walking in the same direction and while the introvert in me wanted to stay quiet and walk alone, I decided to walk with her and chat. She told me her name was Seoha and had been stationed at the base for two years. She has one child, a daughter. I told her a little about myself then she asked if I was a Major and I said yes. I asked her what her rank was and she said a Master Sergeant. I said, "look at us ladies out here!" I haven’t met too many ROK women soldiers or airmen in the time I've been stationed out here, especially in the senior enlisted ranks. We both smiled. As we parted ways, I wished Seoha a nice day and she said to me, "I am so honored to meet you ma'am. I am so honored." I told her I was honored to meet her too and headed into my work building.

About a month ago, my therapist told me that she knows that she inspires just by walking into a room. Just by wearing the AF uniform as a Black female officer. I guess I've been so busy with my head down trying to catch up, prove myself, and take care of other people and operational problems that I hadn't taken a moment to look around and see if this could be true for me too.

Thank you Seoha for reminding me that within a world that seems to never miss a chance to beat you down, that there can be so much power in JUST SHOWING UP.


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